Couples Reviews

Here's what our couples are saying about us. 


Zoë & Chris

“Initially we decided we did not need a wedding coordinator, but after a busy wedding social we realized we didn’t want to be the “point-person” at our wedding. We are so pleased that we chose Bryanne to be that person for us. Looking back, I cannot imagine what the day would have been like without her, but it would have certainly been more hectic and less fun. Bryanne was a reliable support and truly went above and beyond in her coordination work for our wedding. She created a smooth wedding day time-line and included many important details that we would have missed if left to our own devices. We were saved from sweating the details since she was willing and able to communicate the schedule to our vendors.

Bryanne was a calming and competent presence and I would highly recommend her if you are even considering a planner or coordinator.”

The Smedviks’

“Where to start?!?! Bryanne is an ABSOLUTE gem! We were hesitant on hiring a planner for our wedding due to cost. But then we met Bryanne at the Interlake Wedding Expo. Immediately, her style and personality clicked with ours and all I could think was "She probably costs an arm & a leg, and she’s out of budget." Bryanne's prices are BEYOND AFFORDABLE! After a solid year of planning, endless texts, phone calls, and meetings, she had made our wedding dreams become reality. She took the time to listen to not only my dreams and vision, but my husbands too! She took care of all our timelines, contacting vendors, coordinating everybody to be there, she took charge and went shopping for last minute things when SHE KNEW we would appreciate something else. She handled all issues for us that happened or came up during the planning and day of, we had no clue until later! Bryanne genuinely cares about you and your family and making your day special. Thank you ever so much for being apart of our special day and making it everything we BOTH could have ever dreamed. You are such an incredible person, and we are so happy we gained a friendship, as well. ❤ If your hesitant on hiring Bryanne as your planner, just do it already!”

The Douglas'

“Bryanne was truly amazing in assisting with our wedding planning and all the day of festivities. The entire wedding day she handled every single issue and assisted with anything my husband and I required. Bryanne ensured that we wanted for nothing and had everything we didn't even know we needed! I cannot thank her enough for helping make my day stress free.”

The Johansons

Kyle and I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding day. You went above and beyond from helping with the rehearsal, setting up the day before, and organizing everything for the day of. The day was stress free because of you. Kyle and I didn’t want to hire a wedding planner at first because of the negative experience but when we met you at the wedding show we realized you were the perfect match for our personalities. We loved the fact you were down to earth and willing to get your hands dirty. You helped us take down decor into the wee hours of the night and even gave me your new sandals when I couldn’t find mine. 

The Penners

Having Bryanne there on our wedding day was probably the best decision we made, in regards to planning our big day. She was there to answer all of our questions and asked us questions that we never would have thought of ourselves.  If anything went wrong on my wedding day, I had no idea. She took away any stress or worries we had (even when it was pouring rain the morning of my outdoor wedding!!!)  and I was able to fully enjoy the day with my husband! Bryanne is professional and truly cares about you and your day.

The Krahns

When my husband and I got engaged we didn’t think having a wedding coordinator was necessary. How hard could it be? But planning a wedding is a lot of work and when you both have very busy schedules, there isn’t a lot of energy left for planning the big day! Bryanne was quick to jump in and help when she noticed the anxiety setting in.  She was so organized and prepared without us ever having to ask for help! Bryanne gave us the peace of mind we so badly needed during last minute planning and this continued throughout the whole wedding day. Had we known having someone to put out fires during planning a wedding would have saved us so much worry, we would have sought out Bryanne’s expertise right from the beginning. Suddenly the cost of hiring a wedding coordinator seemed like the best decision we could have made prior to planning the whole thing! The peace of mind she brought us in the end was 100% worth it. 

Bryanne, thank you for jumping in and helping with our big day! You are so talented at what you do!

The McDermotts

Bryanne was the magic behind the scenes on our wedding day. From the start of the day till the end of the night, there was little Bryanne was not involved in. She was in contact with the florist, hotel, DJ, just about everyone to keep tabs as the day went on. Not only did she oversee the reception décor set-up, she also coordinated between the Groom’s and Bride’s homes to make sure everyone was on schedule. Bryanne is flexible and never lost her cool, which made her so reliable and dependable as well as trust-worthy. Honestly, I wish I had involved her more in the actual planning of the wedding, as I had to do much of it on my own and was under incredible stress! Thankfully, with Bryanne there on the actual wedding day, I was able to relax and enjoy the day! We both think she did a spectacular job, it honestly couldn’t have been done without her, I don’t know how she does it. Like I said, she was magical.

The Bergens

Bryanne was a absolute dream to have for our day! She thought of all the small details that I would have probably missed! Having her for our day put me at ease as I knew that I didn't have to worry about times and that I could just enjoy my day knowing that Bryanne would take care of every thing else ! Everything ran smoothly and I can not think of anyone who could do a better job! She is professional friendly , genuinely cares about people and is very good at her job!